Client List

Per New York Governor David Paterson’s proposed Reform Albany Act, below is a list of clients, past and present, along with 2009 income.

Clients 2009 Income
Albany Academy
Alpha Omega Publishing
Andrea Harrington
Ann Kearney Designs $195.00
Anthony’s Pier 4 $5220.00
Artifacts Gallery $2070.00
Better Bee
Bill Bombard
Bob Warren $490.00
Boyd Research
Brave New Films $555.00
CatSpeed Wiring
Church of St Joseph
Circle Motor Car $255.00
Columbia Physical Therapy $1030.00
Currin Law Office
Dabanga Jewelry
David Gibson
David Howell
Deja View Farm
Derby Trail $690.00
Dolce Amore
Donald Cook
Draft Nader Committee
Duplex Planet $50.00
Ed Levin
Edward Dowling & Associates $240.00
Empire State Consulting
Focus on Flowers
Free Gary Tyler Committee
Green Party of the United States $4988.75
Greenwich Media
Grey Horse Carriage
Hill & Dale Real Estate
Howie Hawkins
Hudson Crossing Park
Interactive Media Consulting
Jocks for Justice
KBW Music $240.00
Kemp’s Hockey & Supply $1250.00
Krystal Chrysler Jeep Dodge $240.00
Leon Barkley $2748.95
Long & Manzi Fine Art Services
M. Nann Construction
Needleworks $30.00
North Country Physical Therapy
Northway Johnny’s
NRBQ $450.00
Opus Db
Peckham Industries
PR Marketing Associates $60.00
Protean Collective
Purple Umbrella $155.00
Rejoice Books
Robyn Hitchcock $309.50
Rock Hill Bakehouse $520.78
Rolf Hansen
Ruth Ihne
Schuyler Pond Home & Garden
Scott Shearing
Simply Felt
Single Payer New York
Snyder, Kiley, Toohy, Corbett & Cox
Something’s Brewing
Spoonful Catering
Steal Away to Freedom
Study Greens
Sundaes Best $890.00
The Alcorn Gallery
The Nelson Line
Tico Vogt $100.00
Tony Jordan
Town of Easton $1005.19
Town of Greenwich
Union Village, LTD
What? Media Group $500.00
Whitney Designs

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