David Doonan for Mayor

Thank You!

Election Results

Being elected Mayor, and the incredible support shown by the community in my first month in office, has been a very humbling experience. There are far too many people who helped with the campaign to list them all here. So let me simply say, thank you, one and all.

Since the election, I've added a complete client list, current and past, of my web design business. This will help to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Mayor's Race
Doonan 258
Schreiner 93
Trustee (Two Seats)
Brown 188
Hayes 159
McKinley 102
Davis 98
Jordan 72
McCormick 57

Open Government
Fiscal Responsibility
Economic Development

It's time for a new direction in Greenwich. A government that seeks citizen input. A government that understands that trust must be earned. A government that believes that our community is too small and precious to let personal opinions and partisan politics hold sway.

On March 18th, Vote for Change!
Vote for the Open Government Slate!
Vote for Doonan, Brown & Hayes

David Doonan for Mayor
Cathy Brown for Trustee
Lyle Hayes for Trustee


Candidates Forum

Videos of the Open Candidates Forum held at Greenwich High School are now on-line.
Part One can be viewed here.
Part Two can be viewed here.

My Opening Statement from the Forum



While attending the NYC Green Party Convention, an interview was recorded by friction.tv.


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